Dying Girl’s Dream Comes True Thanks to Beyoncé (VIDEO)

Is there anything Beyoncé can’t do? I mean really, I’d hate the lady if she just weren’t so darn amazing. She recently wrapped up her Mrs. Carter Show tour, but not before she teamed up with the Make-a-Wish foundation to fulfill a last request from a terminally ill girl.

Taylon Davis has an inoperable brain tumor, and her dying wish was to dance with Beyoncé. At a concert in Las Vegas, Queen Bey helped create a spectacular memory for her and her family, as she sung and danced with her and basically made her feel like a princess.


Tay got a seat right by the stage, and you can see her shaking with excitement as the show starts. Then Beyoncé got down off the stage and gave her a hug and kiss! Then they sang and danced together to “Survivor,” which is obviously the perfect song for a girl fighting for her life.

Take a look at the video, and go ahead and feel moved by Taylon’s joy over meeting her idol.

Did this video melt your heart?


Image via Beyonce/YouTube

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