Courtney Stodden’s New Hair and New Man Show She’s Moving On (PHOTO)

Reality star Courtney Stodden was spotted last weekend out Christmas tree shopping with someone that was definitely not her ex-husband Doug Hutchinson. Stodden rose to infamy in 2011, when at 16, she married the then 51-year-old actor.

The couple separated in November, and it looks like the 19-year-old is wasting no time moving on. A source told E! Online that the mystery man is named Ray, and is a model/actor. According to the snitch, Ray is “one of many suitors that have approached Courtney” since her split.


The source also revealed that tree shopping was their first date, and “they had a nice time. He’s a really nice guy and he’s already planning their second date.”

Hey, good for her. And by the looks of it, Ray seems to be much more age appropriate.

Courtney and Doug tried to work out some of their issues on Couple’s Therapy, but sometimes a 35-year age gap is too big a hurdle to get over.

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Judging by Courtney’s hair, I’d say that she is ready to move on. There’s something so symbolic about a girl and her hair, and drastic changes are sometimes representative of big changes in her life. Look at Miley Cyrus when she chopped all her hair off around the time she and Liam split up, or Kim Kardashian going blonde when she became a mother.

Courtney’s hair is definitely different -- she went from blondey-blonde to deep brunette. It looks good on her. Now if we could just change those pants …

Have you ever changed your hair after a break up?

Image via Kushyn Bogdan/Twitter

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