Khloe Kardashian's 'Bald Spot' Is the Least of Her Concerns

Khloe Kardashian hairUh-oh. Nothing in this particular photo looks out of the ordinary to me -- but there's a rumor going around that Khloe Kardashian is losing hair due to stress resulting from her divorce from Lamar Odom. And while she does appear to have a bald spot in the pics obtained by The Daily Mail -- we probably shouldn't read too much into them.

I mean, based on the shot above, her hair looks perfectly in tact and doesn't seem to be thinning at all. Perhaps this is just a more flattering camera angle? Could be.

But while I'm not totally convinced that Khloe's hair is falling out -- it wouldn't be a huge shock if that were the case.


Back in September, Kristen Stewart had an alleged bald patch going on that was attributed to the stress she was under after she and Robert Pattinson called it quits.

Since both of these are pretty rough breakups, I guess it wouldn't be all that surprising if both Khloe and Kristen had their hair coming out in clumps as a result of so much heartache. I mean ... stress takes its toll in all sorts of different ways, and often times it can affect your appearance as well. Whether it be lack of sleep, inadequate nutrition, or drowning your sorrows in booze -- romantic discord does seem to rob women of their beauty from time to time.

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But considering this photo was taken as Khloe left the gym, it's obvious she has no intention of letting herself go in the wake of her split from Lamar. Until more evidence pops up showing her with thinning hair, it's probably safe to assume her hair is just as normal and gorgeous as ever. Besides ... doesn't she have better things to worry about than her hair?

Have you ever had a breakup destroy your appearance?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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