Miley Cyrus' Leaked Music Video Makes 'Wrecking Ball' Look Tame (VIDEO)

miley cyrus adore youSo I just watched Miley Cyrus' new music video 'Adore You' and my eyes are officially burning.  If you thought 'Wrecking Ball' was raunchy, then this video may qualify for straight up porn.

Check out the video below if you're brave enough to watch, but I'm warning you -- it's NSFW.


Yeah ... so about that.

I don't look at her and see a sex symbol, I look at her and see a little girl desperate for attention. The rubbing, the groping, the touching, the video-taping herself in bed -- it's all just too much. I feel violated and want my four minutes and thirty-eight seconds back.

Unfortunately, this is the reaction she probably wants. Anything to keep her name in our mouths. Why else would she be practically masturbating on camera? But sooner or later, this over-the-top act is going to get old. There are only so many body parts one person can reveal. The shock value is going to die out, and then what? We'll look at her and say, oh, she's just being Miley.

And it all comes full circle.

Has Miley officially crossed the line with this video?

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