Kim Kardashian Strikes 'Sparrow Face' Pose in Eerie Holiday Pics (PHOTOS)

kim KardashianIf you've spent even a second on Facebook then you've seen selfies that are all about "duck face" poses. You know -- where you serve a lippy duck pout for the camera. You might be sliiiightly less familiar with "sparrow face". Luckily, Kim Kardashian is here to educate us all. This year, at her fam's holiday party, Kim monopolized the novelty sepia-toned photo-booth. But it was cool, because it was allllll in the name of beauty and fabulosity -- two things that Kim is known for. 

She shared her experiment in awesome via Instagram, and she's got us itching to try this new mode of posing. Who doesn't want to look like they are about to slurp down a worm? Rather than puff her pout, Kim worked on pulling in her cheeks, looking straight-on at the camera, and keeping her mouth soft and her eyes big.But it's not all in the posing -- she's got exactly the makeup it takes to make this look work on camera. 



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The key to the look is absolutely emphasizing your cheekbones. Of course you can do this by sucking in your cheeks (slightly, like Kim's doing in the pics) while posing. But you can also play up the cheekbones you've got sans suckage. Just augment your usual blush application with bronzer.

Bronzer applied just below your cheekbones in the hollows of your face creates a shadowy look that makes your blush pop. Just be wary of putting on too much. You'll look like a "sparrow" and more like a gaunt zombie. No disrespect, hordes of the undead! 

The final makeup-cheat is all about the lips. Kim's got a full pucker, and not all of us are so blessed genetically, or, speaking hard truths here, surgically. Kim stuns in her nude gloss, but if want to highlight the angles and planes of your face, then go for a berry colored lipgloss. Stay away from anything too pigment-rich or matte. You want a soft, glossy finish that will pair exquisitely with your slightly opened mouth. Happy sparrowing!

What's your favorite selfie-pose?


Image via Instagram 

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