Jenelle Evans' Bad Temper Spells Doom For Her Relationship

jenelle evansI believe Jenelle Evans when she says she is ready to can the drama. Cozying up with her boyfriend (and future baby-daddy) Nathan Griffith has definitely brought out her softer side. It's great that Jenelle's flexing her domestic muscles. I'm psyched to see what this next chapter brings for her and her new family. I mean, I'm not simply sitting staring at her Twitter with baited breath -- but I have like, a passing interest in what develops. 

All of this said, a leopard can't change their spots, and neither can a Teen Mom so quickly alter the entirety of her personality. Jenelle was born with a fiery temper. While she's gotten better at controlling it, this improvement is only by degrees. It wasn't that long ago when the cops were summoned to her home after neighbors reported her and Nathan for having an operatic screaming battle. 


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It looks like where her love life is concerned, Jenelle still has some work to do keeping her rage in check. Nathan recently shared with Jenelle in the duo's favorite arena -- Twitter. He obliquely mentions a disagreement the two had, but makes it clear that he doesn't plan on going anywhere in spite of their arguments. It's like a less cool Jason Mraz song. And that is very uncool, guys:

It's not surprising that they are fighting this amount. Jenelle must be excited to be having their child, but she's probably also a rage-y hormonal mess right now. Here's hoping that this pulling away she seems to be doing is only temporary and not a real case of relationship cold feet. If they do stay together, they need to a find a way to keep their screaming matches in check. Fighting in front of the kids in a constant manner -- with such violence that the cops are called -- is so the opposite of an ideal environment for children. 

Does it seem like these two are fighting more than ever? 

Image via PBandJenelley_1/ Twitter

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