New Footage of Prince George Revealed in Queen's Christmas Speech (VIDEO)

royal family christening photoLooks like the Queen Elizabeth is just as enamored by the young royal family as the rest of us! In her annual Christmas speech, she discussed what has been a real game-changer for the royal family this year ... the birth of little Prince George, of course!

"Here at home, my own family it is a little larger this Christmas," the 87-year-old great-grandmother said in the traditional video message, which was prerecorded in the Blue Drawing Room at Buckingham Palace. She continued, "As so many of you will know, the arrival of a baby gives everyone the chance to contemplate the future, with renewed happiness and hope." Love it! What's more, the video featured some never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes footage of that cheerful photo shoot that took place on the day of George's christening ...


We see the Duchess of Cambridge seated on a couch, bouncing her little boy on her lap, and later, while Prince William is holding his son to pose for a photo with the Queen and Prince Charles, you can hear Kate saying, "Good boy!" from the side. So cute! Check it out (starts around the 5:05 mark):

Although, we could've guessed the Queen was so over-the-moon about the birth of her grandson, it's truly heartwarming to see just how much his arrival colored her year and outlook. And to hear that she feels Kate, William, and Prince George have brought a whole new energy and excitement to the monarchy. It's impressive -- not to mention inspiring -- to hear her admit that thanks to her grandson and the Duchess, the royal family's future is looking brighter than ever. Our sentiments exactly!

How do you feel about the Queen's Christmas remarks and the never-before-seen footage of Kate, Wills, and George?


Image via The British Monarchy/YouTube

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