Lamar Odom Ditches Wedding Ring & Kisses Khloe Kardashian Good-bye

Khloe KardashianIt's sad, but true. Lamar Odom was spotted out and about sans wedding ring. I know, I know. Khloe Kardashian filed the divorce papers weeks ago. She hasn't been seen wearing her ring since. Still, the incurable romantic in me was holding out for a Christmas-time miracle reunion. Oh come on. You know stranger things have happened. Justin Bieber's retirement, for one. 

It looks like all my Christmas-dreams were in vain. Although Lamar was spotted not long ago leaving a club with friends, his ring firmly in place, it's definitely not part of his ensemble now. Sigh. I'll have to console myself with a bowl of figgy pudding. By which I mean wine. And also pudding. It's the holidays, okay? 


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It sounds like Lamar is taking a page from Khloe's book, yet again. Rather than try to win her back, he was being a baby at every turn, pouting about his dying marriage rather than fighting for it. I bet if Khloe kept her ring on, Lamar would have done the same. By taking it off, he's not just admitting defeat, he's sending Khloe a clear message: She's not the only who is moving on. This would be more effective if, you know, Lamar wasn't copying her like a Kindergartner with plagiarism tendencies. Draw your OWN purple unicorn, Lamar!

Some couples are capable of breaking up and staying friends. Clearly that's not the case here. Maybe there's a future friendship brewing way down the line, but Lamar will have to stop being a petulant child if he ever wants that to happen. And he should! The Kardashian clan has been nothing but gracious and welcoming to Lamar. 

Do you think Lamar is really over Khloe or just being petty?


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