Amber Portwood Finally Gets the Support She Needs From Unlikely Source

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Teen Mom star Amber Portwood has experienced a lot in her short life. As fans of the show are well aware, an unplanned pregnancy thrust her into motherhood arguable years (or even a decade) before she was mature enough to handle the responsibility. Then there’s that ridiculous rocky and violent relationship with her baby daddy. Things only seemed to get worse for Amber. Recently, a sit down with Dr. Phil revealed just how far gone the poor girl was. She opened up about a suicide attempt and confessed to being high on Fentanyl patches while in rehab. Not exactly the path to creating a stable home for her daughter. Now, Amber may finally have the support she needs to get on the straight and narrow and it comes from a surprising place.


Even those who do not like Amber, have to admit her interview was incredibly brave. She was honest about her faults, her drug addiction, and where she needs to desperately take her life in order to be a good parent for her child.  That openness has earned her a lot of moral support – which is exactly what she needs to move forward. Most notable are the words of encouragement that came from Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer, who tweeted:

"Blessings sent to Amber Portwood and her family! God bless all of them … Life always throws some unexplainable things at us sometimes, but we have to keep moving forward no matter what! Always keep looking up girl! Watching you and your strength on the @DrPhil show! Xoxo."

This is exactly the kind of reaction someone in Amber’s state needs. It’s easy to pick her apart and attack her for those many bad choices. But what does that really do? It’s like kicking a dog when it’s already down. Right now, she needs to know that redemption is possible and that people are pulling for her.  Undoubtedly, she will still have to contend with some haters and naysayers, but hopefully she will be able to turn to sweet and supportive comments like this when the rest of the world gets her down.

What did you think of Amber’s interview with Dr. Phil? Does it change the way you think of her?


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