Tori Spelling Gets Some Bad Holiday News -- Dean May Have Cheated

Tori SpellingHmmm ... things might not be so festive in the Spelling/McDermott household this holiday season if there's even an iota of truth to this report. A woman is claiming that she slept with Tori's husband Dean a few weeks ago. Radar Online dishes that the 28-year-old unnamed woman met Dean at the Pravda Vodka House in Ontario, Canada. He reportedly slipped her his room key and phone number and things went on from there. You won't believe his excuse as to WHY he's supposedly cheating on the mom of his four kids.


Let's back up a sec, though ...

Keep in mind, this is just gossip, but the woman claims that she showed up at Dean's room and when he wasn't there she sent him a "threatening" text message saying she was going to leave in five minutes. Suddenly, he appeared.

Inside Dean's hotel room, he was complimentary, telling the woman how "beautiful" she was. But the woman, apparently not one for romantic overtures, told him to can the "bullshit."

So far, I can see why he was attracted to her!

Anyway, after that they supposedly had "absolutely protected" sex (good thing, Dean does NOT need one more child and can't afford that vasectomy) and then had some post-coital chat about Tori.

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According to the woman, Dean told her: "I love my wife. I love her so much, but she just won’t sleep with me." She says she, "didn’t ask why because it was awkward."

Err, you mean more awkward than sleeping with a married man and then discussing this wife?

Given that both Dean and Tori were married when they met, Tori has in the past expressed concern that Dean would cheat on her -- and maybe it's finally happened. Or at least this is the first time we're hearing about it.

Hard to believe that Tori won't have sex with Dean -- the fact that they have four kids speaks otherwise. But four kids could also mean she's done being a baby factory. Can't blame her, really.

On the other hand, this all could be a bunch of phooey nonsense, who knows.

The woman apologizes to Tori and says, "I’m an adult and I make my own decisions. I’m sorry. I f**ked up."

But apparently the opportunity to make a buck by sharing this (possibly completely bogus) story with a tab was just too tempting to resist!

Do you believe any of this?


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