Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Have One Star Hoping They'll Reunite (VIDEO)

kristen stewart snookiThey may not be spending Christmas -- or perhaps even New Year's together -- but Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart could still very well be back together or getting back together or pining after one another. At least that's what plenty of Twilight fans are holding out hope for. And believe it or not, Snooki seems to consider herself among Team Robsten!

The famous former fist-pumper took to YouTube to gush about what she would get Kristen for Christmas, and her "report" took a seriously kooky turn, in which she said she loves KStew for her "little slutty side." She also explained that she wants to turn the actress into a real vampire, see her marry Edward Cullen "in real life," and then, the couple could raise a baby unicorn. What the ...?!! Yeah, well, this is something you probably just need to see/hear to believe ...


Ay yi yi! Leave it to Snooki to gift us with a bizarre rave-out like this. Well, entertaining is one word for it!

Also, who knew Snooki was such a Robsten fan?! She's clearly not alone, though ... LOTS of us want to see the seemingly star-crossed pair figure it out and live happily ever after -- just like Edward and Bella! Sigh. 

Still, considering how far away the two appear to be for the holidays, we might have to face the facts ... A romantic reunion really may NOT be in the cards. Who knows? But at least one thing's for sure: That baby unicorn is not!

What would you get Kristen and Rob for Christmas?



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