Kristen Stewart Isn't Letting Robert Pattinson Ruin Her Christmas

Kristen StewartNo matter if you've been good this year or not, no one deserves to spend the holidays alone. Kristen Stewart is trying to make the most of her holiday season apart from Robert Pattinson after rumors spread like wildfire that the couple was possibly rekindling their romance more than a year after the whole Rupert Sanders cheating scandal. In fact, Kristen's in company.

Apparently Stewart recently hosted a Christmas party with friends because she "loves Christmas and everything involved with being festive" on December 22. The friends exchanged Christmas ornaments and the person who brought the cheesiest tree trimming got a bottle of wine. 

Sounds fun, eh? But truth be told -- it's a little bit of a bummer, too. The source says that Kristen and Rob used to have these parties together. Eeesh, hello memories.  


For anyone who has gotten out of a serious relationship over the course of the past year, going through the holidays alone isn't exactly easy. Between spending time with family and giving gifts, it's more than common to think of how it was to do all of these sentimental, meaningful things with that special someone you cared about the year before. 

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Which is why I gotta praise Kristen. (Now that's a phrase I don't sa often.) I mean, if the two Twilight lovebirds used to throw these shindigs together and now it's just her flying solo -- that's got to stir up some hard memories. Kristen's carrying on the way she should: not giving up the things she loved just because she's single. Keeping good friends around, laughing, and continuing to live life the way she deserves to. Much better than mopin' around, don't you think?

Have you ever braved the holidays after a hard breakup? How did you handle it?


Image via myalexis/Flickr

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