Kate Middleton Has 5 Christmas 'Costume Changes': What Will She Wear? (PHOTOS)

kate middleton surprised 3D natural museum screening 2013Whether you're gearing up to contend with loads of baking, cooking, holiday traffic, dysfunctional family drama, or just the craaazy lines at the local movie theater tonight and tomorrow, it's easy to get a bit overwhelmed by Christmas Eve and/or Christmas Day plans. But for some instant relief, just consider what Kate Middleton has on her agenda ...

According to Vanity Fair, William and Catherine are spending Prince George’s first Christmas with the royal family at the royal estate Sandringham where the family Christmas is rather ... formal. And following annual tradition, the Duchess of Cambridge is expected to have five wardrobe changes tomorrow alone!


This isn't the first time we've heard of the tradition. Kate's "five outfit" Christmas was reported during her first married Christmas, in 2011. But it's interesting to hear that this year will be no different ... and VF also shares new details about the Duchess's intense dressing schedule ...

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The Queen’s cousin Lady Elizabeth Anson, a frequent guest to the Queen and Prince Philip’s Norfolk residence, explains:

It doesn’t matter a jot what suitcase you have, but all your clothes are pressed and put away and the maid chooses your dresses. In the morning, you are dressed for breakfast, then you change for shooting. The Queen wears a skirt and so do most of the women. You come back to the house and change for tea at about 5:30 p.m. into a wool dress or a suit with a skirt. Then you have a quick change for dinner.

By shooting, Lady Anson means the traditional Boxing Day pheasant shoot, which the Duchess is expected to do alongside Princes William and Harry. And for dinner, she means a black tie gown, which, yup, a maid is expected to pick for Kate. Wow, it's enough to make your head spin! 

That said, it's not like this isn't all old hat to the Duchess by now, right? And considering what she was photographed wearing for her past two royal Christmases, I get the feeling she's already pretty accustomed to the preferred palette and accessories. No surprises here. Check out her last two outfits ...

kate middleton christmas 2012 

Last year, to celebrate with the Middletons, Kate wore this maroon Celeste coat by Hobb's and a red scarf -- also worn during the 2011 North American Tour -- thought to be Hugo Boss. While her attire to celebrate with her family is thought to be less formal than what she'll wear to Sandringham, what she wore for Christmas 2011 was similar at least in color scheme ...

kate middleton christmas 2011

See, on her traditional walk home from church at Sandringham in 2011, she again opted for maroon! And she also wore the same Kiki McDonough green amethyst earrings she was seen wearing again in 2012.

So let's not be surprised if her wardrobe choices this year -- while plentiful and maybe a bit daunting! -- end up being very similar ... perhaps even recycled! Can't wait to see what Kate wears!

How would you feel about making five wardrobe changes for one holiday?!

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