Amanda Bynes' Clothes Tell Us All We Need to Know About How She's Feeling

Amanda BynesAmanda Bynes seems to be on a track to wellness. You can tell a lot about a person's mindset by what they choose to wear. Someone wandering the streets in a lop-sided wig? Clearly not in the best place.

Lately Amanda's been keeping herself scarce and focusing on getting well. But when she has made an appearance, she has seemed pulled together and much more like the Amanda of old. 

Of course, it's a long road. Amanda was recently photographed having banished her darker hair for long, flowing blonde ones. Whie glamorous, the blond isn't as over-the-top as past colors and wigs she's tried.. If anything her hair appears soft, flattering and really frames her heart-shaped face super-well. You could almost confuse her with any average woman you'd bump into at Starbucks on a Saturday morning. Almost. 


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Bynes stepped out in her now-signature oversized dark glasses, and seems to have put on some of the weight she lost during the bad old days. Her tailored gray denim, and a floral print design graphic sweatshirt make for a cute ensemble. The sweatshirt is unique without being totally weird. Topping off her casual outfit is a small black shoulder bag with metallic chain. All told, it's the most pulled-together we've seen her favor for a while. 

It's also reassuring for this reason -- it seems to speak to her old personality starting to shine through. She's been spotted lately rocking some pretty staid clothes. While that's been reassuring after a fashion, it's definitely much cooler to see her putting some of her famous -- if more even keeled-- kookiness back into what she chooses to wear. My favorite part of the whole look? Definitely the fun pink sneakers she's wearing. I fully support brightly hued footwear. This pair of sneaks not only looks comfortable but really serves to tie her whole vibe together. Me like!

Do you like Amanda better as a blonde or a brunette?


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