Rebecca Romijn Shares Christmas Photo Outtakes We Can All Relate To (PHOTOS)

Is it just me, or did family Christmas photos make the big time this year? From the Christmas Jammies viral video to the Kardashian’s $250,000 shoot, everyone is getting in on capturing their families on film this holiday season in some spectacular fashion.

While I do love some glitz and glamour, not mention fun families and choreography, it’s also nice to see some stars keeping it real. Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell recently showed off their own Christmas jammies, complete with adorable twin daughters, and dressed up pets.


The photo she shared on Twitter a week or two ago was adorable enough, but more recently she shared the behind-the-scenes snapshots of what it took to get everyone posed in a relatively orderly way.

I am cracking up at the cat in that last one! It's almost perfect, but kitty does not look like it cares one iota about posing for the cam.

How many outtakes do you end up with before you end up with a family Christmas photo you're happy with?


Image via Rebecca Romijn/Twitter

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