Kim Reveals Kardashian Christmas Guest List That Will Make Yours Look Tame

There's one place that is guaranteed to be supercrowded this holiday and it's not just Macy's. It's the Kardashian household. Kim Kardashian has revealed the guest list at the Kard Klan's place this season and it reads like a graduation ceremony announcment. So ... many ... names. When asked who would be at the house for a Kardashian feast, Kim told Mobio Insider:

The entire family, Kanye, North, mom, sisters, step-dad, brother, niece, nephew, everyone! They are all my family and we will all be together! I can't wait.

A couple of names she left out ... one, Kendall's new boyfriend, Harry Styles. No word on whether he was invited, but maybe he will drop by for a round of golf and some heartbreaking.

Then there's Matt Kemp, Khloe's rumored new boyfriend, who some are insisting will be around for a Kris Jenner-thrown bash that will have over 200 guests. A source told RadarOnline:

Matt, a nearby neighbor, and love interest of Khloe's, will be at the party ... Don’t expect Khloe and Matt to be huddled in a corner off by themselves as they know people are talking about them dating….at this point, they are taking things very slow. Khloe is still extremely sad about the end of her marriage to Lamar Odom, but she had moved on several months ago.

Hmm, do people still use the expression "love interest" in conversation? Anyway I, for one, am hoping it's true. Hope she sticks it to Lamar for all of his (rumored) cheating!

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It's always kind of awkward though when you've just started dating someone and suddenly Christmas is upon you. You don't want to seem cheap, but at the same time you don't want to seem like you're jumping the gun by getting an expensive present. That doesn't seem to worry Matt though, who supposedly will get Khloe something amazeballs. The source says:

He absolutely adores her and loves spoiling the women in his life.

Will be interesting to see what Kanye and Kim get for each other too. Those two aren't exactly known for their lowkey gifts. These are definitely two who are not going to do the whole "forget this gift thing" thing.

Think if I snuck over to the Kardashians' place on Christmas Eve anyone would notice? I'm small. I don't take up much space.

How are you spending the holiday?


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