Kim Kardashian's Makeup-Free Look May Not Be So Natural After All

Kim Kardashian has been looking muy gorgeous lately, with her slammin’ post-baby bod, locks of gold, and seemingly flawless complexion. This Saturday, she was spotted dressed down in tight black work out clothes and sneakers, and hair up in a messy bun. She was headed into the hair salon, so we’ll let the “regular mom” coif slide this time.

Us Weekly described Kim’s look as “minimal … with a touch of eye makeup and a light shade of pink lipstick.” It’s true that the new mom looks fresh-faced and natural, but I’m a little bit suspicious of the exact amount of makeup it took to achieve the look.


Just because you don’t see the makeup, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. With 6-month-old baby North at home, I’m guessing there’s a fair amount of concealer under those eyes. We know she’s human enough to get under eye circles, after all. 

Her cheekbones look more than a little bit defined, so I’m going to guess a little bronzer or neutral blush there too.

And her lashes! At least two coats of mascara. Girl after my own heart -- I feel naked without mascara on.

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Kim looks gorgeous, sure, and there’s nothing wrong with a little makeup to make a girl feel pretty, but it’s silly to say her perfect face is sporting minimal makeup.

Then again, for the Kardashians, this is a pretty light touch with the makeup brush.

How natural do you think Kim's look is?

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