10 Celebrity Breakups That Left Us Reeling in 2013

Every year, couples get married. And they break up. Not necessarily the same couple in the same year, but sometimes that happens too (see Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries). Speaking of Kardashian, a couple of major break-ups in that family this year. But they're not the only ones who might find themselves kissing the air on New Year's Eve. Or a new person. Or even each other (you never know with these wacky celebs). 'Twas a year for stomach-churning break-ups that left us feeling like we'd guzzled way too much eggnog. A few were SO unexpected it was like we were 5-years-old and sleepily padded downstairs in our Christmas jammies to find MOM putting out the gifts. BOOM! TOTAL BETRAYAL!! Here are 10 couples that didn't make it to the holidays this year.


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