Everything There Was to Hate (or Love) About Country Music in 2013 in 3 Minutes (VIDEO)

country music video screenshotPeople who aren't fans of country music tend to think all of the tracks are twangy odes to drinkin', women, dancin', drivin' (typically Chevys, Silverados, or just a generic pick-up truck), and romancin' by a river under the moonlight. Meanwhile, those who are fans of country music might have to agree -- begrudgingly -- that A LOT of the most popular country tunes are the same old crap over and over again! (Not that it's not fun-to-listen-to crap on occasion.)

And that's exactly what EW country music writer Grady Smith was trying to say by making a really funny, on-point supercut of some of 2013's biggest country music tracks. He fully admits he was inspired to make it after naming the 10 Best Country Albums of 2013 and fielding commenters' complaints that his choices weren't mainstream enough. Well, here's the problem with the top 40, radio faves ...


So funny, because it is SO TRUE! Don't get me wrong. I fully admit I heart that Luke Bryan song, the Blake Shelton one's good, and I dig the Randy Houser ones even more. Makes sense that I should like 'em all, because they're all so ridiculously similar!

Hey, at least this makes me feel better that country is no better than pop or any other genre. Country artists are at just a high a risk to fall into pumping out the same old, same old, cuz that's what radios are playing, and that's what fans are buying. But as Grady points out, we can handle flavors other than "dumb party song." I love moonlight just as much as the next "girl," but I still agree with Grady. Hoping 2014 brings offerings that are bit more well-rounded ... and lot more inspired!

What were your favorite songs of the year, country or otherwise? Do you agree a lot of what's played on the radio sounds the same?


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