Miley Cyrus' Sneak Peek of 'Adore You' Is Shocking & Racy -- Which Is No Shocker

miley cyrus adore youOh, Miley Cyrus. Seriously, no matter what this girl does, she simply dominates the headlines and takes over the Internet, and we're all so damn fascinated by her every move. She's already promoting her new single, "Adore You," from her album Bangerz. To do so, Miley shared a 15-second sneak peek via Instagram, and you know you want to see it.

You may hate yourself, but you know you want to see it.

The full video, in case this teaser does anything for ya, will premiere on Thursday, December 26. It's got Miley, who appears to be in her underwear (shocking move!!) and makeup-less, staring sexily at the camera, playing with her hair, giving us a nice final look at her chest (that might have been inadvertent, but with Miley, it's too hard to tell), and feeling herself up. At least her tongue stayed in her mouth this time around.


Here it is:

And another:

... Not much there, right? Yet here we are.

It definitely appears that this video will get just as much play as her most recent release, "Wrecking Ball," where she is stark naked and makes out with a hammer. Breaking Internet records left and right, everyone had something to say about that video -- from how they actually enjoyed the song to WTF is Miley doing get that girl into counseling.

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Now it seems she's coming out with an equally raw, racy video, which we'll all have opinions about as well. She's got good timing, too: Of course you're going to want to see her live at Times Square in NYC; she's going to perform right before the ball drops on New Year's Eve.

What will this girl come up with next? Needless to say, many of us will be enjoying our post-Christmas Day hangover at our computer screens, drooling in anticipation, waiting for the full video to come out.

Miley's seriously going to take over the world.

What do you think of this quick sneak peek? Looking forward to seeing what she's got in store for us this time around?


Image via mileycyrus/Instagram

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