Katy Perry's 'Devastating' Cleanse After Divorce Was Actually for the Best

katy perryThat Katy Perry, she seems to be elated lately. The "Roar" singer is in a full-fledged happy relationship with John Mayer, recently boasting their romance for the world to gawk at in the video for their new duet "Who You Love." The smiles have been a long time coming after Perry's divorce with actor Russel Brand -- which she told Marie Claire left her in a difficult, dark place.

Love gone wrong, it's hard to deal with. Perry knew that she needed to put her best positive foot forward during the hard times, and in the process chose to do an intense cleanse. Katy said it was 'devestating' giving up alcohol for three months. She also upped her vitamin and supplement intake, went hiking more often, and took time to meditate and pray.

"I have gone down the destructive path before," Perry told Marie Claire. "That didn't work for me."

I mean, yeah, this whole path is A LOT healthier. But it all seems a bit extreme, doesn't it?


Plain and simple: Katy traded an extremely unhealthy situation where she was "eating Flamin' Hot Cheetos and drinking" for an UBER healthy approach. Thankfully she says that the healthier take on things -- stopping the drinking and adding in the time for self-reflection -- did her well. But with that said, the all-or-nothing approach that Katy opted for is one that she could never stick with permanently. Especially with her busy lifestyle, Katy doesn't have all the time in the world to sit down, reflect, stop, pray, hike, etc.

With that said, though, Katy's right. Choosing this healthier approach was the right decision. In a difficult emotional situation, focusing that upsetting energy on yourself can most definitely be a positive. Seeking the things we can control in life and dedicate our energy there when other things feel beyond our control, it can be a very good thing. It's just critical to make sure not to take it to an extreme.

Kudos to Katy for doing what she needed to in order to move forward. I for one am anxiously awaiting the sight of some bling on that ring finger. Step your game up, Johnny!

Have you ever gone through a tough breakup? Did it change the way you ate, drank, and exercised?


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