Mariah Carey Walks Her Dog in the Snow in a Red String Bikini (PHOTO)

mariah careyMariah Carey is nothing if not an amazing vocalist. And a giant weirdo. Remember on MTV's Cribs a few years ago when she got in the hot tub in her towel?! Well, she just did us one better. Mariah Carey took her dog for a walk in snowy Aspen ... in a bikini. Yep, and nothing else. And lucky for her, her bangin' bikini bod usurps the fact that this is super f*cking weird, you guys!





mariah carey

Carey and her family are currently vacationing in Colorado, and, because if there's any place to rock a string bikini, it's the snow-capped mountains of the Centennial State, the song bird posted not one, but two photos showing off her smokin' hot figure. One in front of her Christmas tree while she's clad in a silk robe and wearing furry slippers (semi-normal); the other while walking barefoot outside (the opposite of normal). But regardless, she looks amazing. It's hard to believe this woman had twins. And it's hard to believe she doesn't Instagram bikini shots more often!

I'm all for more photos of everyone's favorite diva-weirdo in a swimsuit, as it's an outfit that suits her perfectly. But maybe next time she should think about it doing it when she's in Miami or L.A. Then again, maybe she was just having a skinny day in Aspen and wanted to document it.

Are you surprised at how hot MC looks in a bikini?


Images via Mariah Carey/Instagram

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