Kim Kardashian's Workout Clothes Hotter Than Our Regular Clothes (PHOTO)

kim kardashianJust a couple of days after the sheer black dress incident that had us clued in to Kim Kardashian's issue with some sort of bra malfunction, the new mama once again is seen out and about in all black. But this time it's totally different. Not just literally day and night, but from glam to super casual. Dare I say, however, that Kim looks even more amaze in her zippered up to there sweatshirt and sneakers?

I mean, most women, when we put on workout clothes, our looks isn't quite as polished. Or maybe that's just me. But Kim ... she makes workout clothes look hotter than our regular clothes.


I'm finding this quite inspiring. Not in the Bound 2 video kind of inspiration mind you. (Speaking of ... have you paid attention to some of Kanye's lyrics? "I wanna f*&k you hard on the sink. After that, give you something to drink. Step back, can't get spunk on the mink ...." OH. MY. WORD!!!) I think I need a shower. Or a workout. You know, to sweat out those impurities. Which leads us back to these workout clothes.

Leggings, a tunic, sweatshirt, and sweatpants can look as amazingly stylish as the trends du jour as long as everything is fitting well and your face looks like it's makeup free even though you're probably wearing some makeup. Also ... hair. No frizz. Silky mane perfection, just like Kim. Love the look!

What do you think of Kim's workout clothes style?


Image via Splash

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