Katy Perry & John Mayer Are Smart to Give Each Other the Silent Treatment (VIDEOS)

katy perry john mayerKaty Perry and John Mayer are everywhere lately, promoting her album, promoting his album, but most importantly, promoting their single/music video "Who You Love." Katy sat down with Ellen Degeneres today solo (at least, at first) and ended up sharing something quite revealing about her relationship with John ...

As you may know, John Mayer has needed critical, frequent vocal rest as a result of his serious vocal-cord problems, and Katy requires it frequently as well, so she divulged that their home is often reeeallly quiet.


Katy explains:

I understood that he couldn't talk, and the only way he could communicate was through an iPad. Some days, I have to go on complete vocal rest, like no anything, no whispering. Whispering is actually really bad. There's just a lot of silence in our house most of the time.

To that, Ellen suggested the two learn Pictionary, and then Katy quipped, "We should just learn sign language!" Hey, why not?

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It's interesting that the two have mastered the art of communicating in ways other than constant conversation -- something I feel like we don't talk about much (ironically), but that goes hand-in-hand with a healthy relationship. We learn how to be comfortable with silence with one another.

I feel as though I can especially relate to what Katy's talking about, because my husband is more soft-spoken than I am and also often too tired after a long day at work to get chatterboxy with me. So, evenings in our home can be pretty quiet, too. But for the entire time we've been together, I've been learning how non-verbal communication can be just as valuable for us as talking. Likewise, he's learning how I need him to be more vocal sometimes.

In the end, it's like Katy went on to tell Ellen: In any situation where two people's emotions are concerned, "you have to figure out a compromise in a good way." Couldn't agree more! And when you can get on the same page with how you communicate -- as it seems Katy and John have -- you're golden!

Check out the cute clips from their interview with Ellen ...


How do you feel about silent time with your partner?


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