Chuck Norris's Version of the 'Epic Split' Stunt Just Won the Internet (VIDEO)

Chuck NorrisYou've seen Jean Claude Van Damme's Volvo stunt that rightfully went viral, thanks to its extreme awesomeness, right? And then there was the Channing Tatum spoof, which was slightly less majestic but still deeply entertaining? Well, there's a new 'epic split' video that's sweeping the Internet, and it may actually trump the original clip. What could possibly be more badass than Van Damme's supernatural groin maneuver, you ask? Two words: CHUCK NORRIS.

To be specific: Chuck Norris, Shakespeare, 11 paratroopers, two massive cargo planes, a memorable Christmas greeting, and the most impressive CGI work I've seen since freaking Avatar. This video is insane, ridiculously over the top, more than a little strange, and completely delightful in every way.


The clip was created by Hungarian animation firm Delov Digital, and it features Chuck Norris one-upping Van Damme's split by straddling the wings of two cargo planes while a narrator reads from Hamlet. And it just gets better from there. Check it out:

Were you smiling by the end? Of course you were, because come on. The Christmas lights! As if the whole thing wasn't crazy enough BEFORE that part.

What's really crazy is that entire thing is animated. I mean, obviously it's animated, although Chuck Norris is so hardcore he could probably do this stunt if he wanted to -- what I'm saying is that isn't Chuck Norris standing in front of a green screen or anything. That's a CGI-generated likeness of Norris, which is more apparent on subsequent viewings. They did a great job with the squinty eyes and facial hair, but there's still a little uncanny valley action happening in the face.  

Still, even though this entire thing was created out of bits and bytes, it's pretty fantastic, right? Merry Christmas indeed, from the only guy who can out-macho Jean Claude Van Damme.

Image via YouTube

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