Kim Kardashian Shares Another 'Sheer' Pic That's a Sight for Sore Eyes

kim KardashianKim Kardashian has never met an asset-flattering outfit she didn't adore. Be it bottom or boobies (tee hee, I'm 5), sister-friend knows how to flaunt it. Remember when those pictures surfaced of her super-flattering sheer style? Only Kim, we all thought, can make see-through clothing look like high fashion. Well ... now more images of that sheer ensemble are coming to light and, uh, we might have tweak our opinion ever-so-slightly.

I'm not saying Kim isn't sexy, or that Kim is trying too hard. I wouldn't dream of it. Even at her worst Kim tends to know what silhouettes flatter her hour-glass frame and she dons them with panache. It takes real style-savvy to emphasize your curves, something it can feel like designers go out of their way to make frumpy or far too sexy.

It looks from the photos that the problem with Kim's outfit is that it kind of quit on her halfway through the evening putting her boobs in a majorly unflattering light, which was not a thing I thought possible. 


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Maybe it's the angle of the photo from her Instagram in question, but it doesn't look like that much of a shift from the pic she posted earlier in the week that had us all reveling in her awesomeness. In this shot her once-demure cleavage is close to escaping her dress. The lines of the bra-top itself seem unable to contain her. I know all too well the perils of a bra "quitting" on you halfway through the day. It could be that's what happened to Kim here. 

Kim Kardashian

I'd also like to point out Kim seems to have stationed the ladies wearing the most vividly printed dresses on either side of her. It doesn't seem outside the realm of possibility that this might be a new policy she's instituted for all her underlings to follow. All the better to emphasize her fabulosity. Unfortunately in this case, it only served to highlight this borderline wardrobe malfunction.

Do you think sheer outfits can be tastefully done? I swear to god I have one top that's pretty sheer that I would not hesitate to wear to a business meeting.


Images via Instagram/Instagram

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