Selena Gomez's Selfish Reason for Cancelling Tour Is Smart

It takes a great deal of maturity and strength to admit that you need to focus on your own well-being and health and put that ahead of your career or good times. And while most of her peers (Miley, Justin) don't seem like they're quite there yet, Selena Gomez is proving that she really does have a sensible mind and is in this singing biz for the long haul. Her latest move will probably anger a lot of fans, but it's the best thing she can do for herself right now. 


The 21-year-old has cancelled 13 shows in Asia and Australia because she says she needs to spend "some time on myself in order to be the person I can be." She was scheduled to travel to Japan in mid-January and jet around the region, wrapping things up in Australia in early February.

Sounds completely exhausting. After recently headlining 55 concerts in the U.S. and Europe on her Stars Dance tour, it isn't difficult to see why she would need a well-deserved break.

But is there something else going on that we should be concerned about? 

After her appearance at the Jingle Bell concert, where she famously cursed in front of her young audience and performed fewer songs than expected before "storming" off stage, some people worried that Selena was having a meltdown. Granted, lots of 20-year-olds drop the f-bomb in between every other word, but it was uncharacteristic of squeaky-clean Selena to drop her guard and show so much negative emotion. 

But her reps swear there's nothing more to this story than what it sounds like: a young girl is seriously tired because she works very hard and wants to spend more time with her family and by herself.

I buy it and I think we need to give this poor girl a break. She isn't going to be sunshine and light at all times. And her decision to cancel her tour dates makes me feel really good about Selena's future prospects. If she shows this kind of discipline and ability to pace herself now before she burns out, then surely she can make it in this business and stand the test of time. Fingers crossed.

Now, maybe she can get back with Justin Bieber and have a positive influence on his behavior as well? What are the chances?

Why do you think Selena is taking some time off?


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