Christian Grey & Ana Kiss & Dance On Set -- Finally They Have Chemistry! (PHOTOS)

jamie dornanRemember, about a week ago, when the first photo of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson kissing as Christian and Ana surfaced? And it was about as "meh" as it comes? Well, they've upped their game. Perhaps it's because they noticed the fans' collective barfing motion, or perhaps they saw the lukewarm photos themselves. But whatever the reason, Christian and Ana are now officially hot for one another.

New photos of Johnson and Dornan shooting have surfaced, and I've gotta say: Not bad, guys. Not bad at all.


The pics, as you can see, show Jamie and Dakota embracing in the middle of the street, and they actually appear to have chemistry this time 'round! And check THIS out:

jamie dornan

Kinda steamy, right? And a massive improvement since that last snooze-fest of a kiss they shared on-set. This photo actually makes me want to see the movie. Perhaps they're just getting more comfortable with one another, now they they've been shooting for a few weeks.

According to sources, Dornan and Johnson have struck up a nice friendship. They apparently have been playing "trashketball" on set (you know the game where you use a trash can to throw things into; yeah, it has a name). Johnson evidently missed her shot, but Dornan scored a basket, causing everyone on set to cheer. Johnson was also seen trying to juggle for Dornan, but she dropped everything, making him laugh.

So, yeah. Sounds like they're definitely getting more at ease with one another, which is good. Because that last kiss we saw did nothing to make me want to see the movie. Who knew juggling could be such a bonding experience?

Do you think these photos show Dornan and Johnson have developed more chemistry?


Images via Splash

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