Kate Middleton's Stunning 'Makeover' From Pretty Duchess to Radiant Mom (PHOTOS)

Kate Middleton's Stunning 'Makeover' From Pretty Duchess to Radiant Mom (PHOTOS)

kate middletonIt was a big year for the Duchess of Cambridge. She went from glowing royal preggo to bona fide hot mama -- changing her gorgeous hair a bit along the way. And, because we literally cannot get enough of Kate Middleton, we all watched with envious eyes, loving every minute of the style evolution.

Because few things are better than a photo slideshow of the Duchess of Cambridge, here's Kate Middleton's 2013 beauty transformation. My, what a difference a year makes!

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  • Kate's Bump Makes Its First Appearance (Guest Starring Awesome Hair)


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    On February 19, 2013, the world got its first glimpse of Kate Middleton's baby bump. And it was glorious. Almost as glorious as her stunning gray dress; smokier-than-usual eye; and unsettlingly bouncy hair.


  • Kate Wears a 'Baby on Board' Button


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    In March, both Kate and the Queen made an appearance at a London Underground station to celebrate the anniversary of the tube. Kate wore a smart hat and a "Baby on Board" button, officially making cheesy pins cool.

  • Ready to Pop


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    The Duchess attends an official event about a month before giving birth, looking impossibly chic at eight months pregnant. And she hasn't given up heels.


  • Finally, a Mama!


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    The moment we'd all been waiting for. Kate appeared outside of St. Mary's Hospital a day after giving birth, looking fresh as a daisy. And she instantly won the heart of every mother when she proudly displayed her post-baby belly.

  • Not a Trace of a Baby Belly


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    In October, the Duchess, inadvertently or not, shed the whole "regular mom" image by displaying an impossibly fit figure just three months after giving birth.


  • George's Christening


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    Unsurprisingly, Kate killed it at George's christening in a stunning cream suit and matching hat. And hey, cute kid, too!

  • Is That ... Gray?


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    Kate set the Internet a fire when she appeared at a Poppy Day event in London with long, Victoria's Secret-esque locks, and ... gray roots?!

  • Kate Gets Her Roots Did


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    Kate attended an event on December 5, clearly after making a trip to the salon to both dye her roots and darken her hair. She also sent the Internet into a tizzy over her $35 Zara necklace.

    Can't wait to see what you bring us in 2014, Kate!


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