Kate Middleton's Top 5 Recycled Looks of 2013 (PHOTOS)

Kate middletonKate Middleton is not afraid to break royal tradition when she sees fit, especially where her style is concerned. The one thing we love the most? Her outfit repeats! She's no stranger to shopping in her closet, which makes us love her even more because she really is just like us! Maybe just a little?

In honor of the Duchess's refreshingly relatable style, below are our favorite -- and what we guess must be Kate's favorite! -- repeated looks of the year. Kate is all about the classics, of course, and versions of any of these can be found in most department stores and retailers. (Another excuse to take advantage of sales!)

Take the tour and then tell us ...

What's your favorite Kate Middleton repeat? 

Image via UKrepsome/Flickr

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