One Direction Sends Touching Words to 16-Year-Old Shooting Victim (VIDEO)

A 16-year-old girl who lies in a coma after being shot during the Arapahoe High School shooting is a One Direction fan. So friends took it upon themselves to get word to the band, and they took the time to record a get-well video of themselves and send it to the family of Claire Davis. "Hi, Claire. We hear you’re a big fan and we just wanted to show you some love," says singer Liam Payne, as the other members, including supposed Kendall Jenner flame Harry Styles, stand nearby.


Payne continues:

What’s happened to you is absolutely terrible and we can’t bear thinking about it. So we just wanted to share some love with you. All our prayers with you and your family. Hope you get well soon.

Some reports said that Claire was trying to stop the shooter, Karl Pierson, from killing the librarian who demoted him on the debate team, Tracy Murphy.

Claire's friends began the campaign to get 1D's attention with the hashtag #Get1DtoClaire. This video was their response.

Some online are criticizing the band for just making a clip and not going there in person, but I'm sure that, as tragic as this situation is, they are constantly inundated with requests for visits -- probably often from children and teens who are injured or ill. So it was nice of them to do something, even if it wasn't a full-on visit, which she most likely wouldn't be aware of anyway. Maybe they can do that when she's awake.

Hopefully the video will help her in her recovery. Here's the band:

Aww, nice guys. Let's hope they don't end up going down the Bieber route. And let's all hope Claire gets better soon!


Image via Alex Chapman/YouTube

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