Prince William's Nerdy Dad Glasses Somehow Make Him Look Sexy (PHOTO)

prince william kate middleton christmas lunchYesterday, while we were all focusing on Kate Middleton's practically vintage (circa 2006) cheery, cherry red Armani coatPrince William was quietly rocking a new look next to his fashion-forward, royal missus. Or at least, a look we've rarely seen on him: He was bespectacled! Yes, the Duke of Cambridge appeared to have gone full Harry Potter for his grandmother, the Queen's annual pre-Christmas lunch. And he did it oh-so-well!

As HuffPost points out, the metal-rim glasses are working for the Prince in part because he's a "tired dad whose newborn has been keeping up him all night" now, and he has the "dad fashion sense to go with it." Ha, yes! So cute!


And so true. Just as a result of being who he is, Wills is able to pull off what we'd tend to think of as a typically nerdy look. Heck, he can actually make those spectacles sexy!

I'm sure Kate (or should I say "Babykins"? hee hee) adores her husband's studly, studious dad chic. In a way, considering that it's a result of him being a caring, loving father to Prince George, it makes him even more attractive!

What do you think about Prince William's glasses? What's the nerdiest thing your husband wears that you actually find really attractive?


Image via i-Images, PacificCoastNews

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