Sarah Palin Defends Phil Robertson's Right to Free Speech & So Should We All

Did you hear about the time when A&E screwed themselves over by suspending Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson? Let me catch you up. In the January issue of GQ magazine, outspoken, Jesus-following, Bible-thumping Christian Phil Robertson quoted some scripture and doesn't personally understand why some men like other men instead of women.

The shock! The horror! The patriarch that ends every episode of his reality show with a prayer over a family meal quoted the book in which his faith is rooted and shared a personal opinion that he doesn’t understand why some men prefer other men to women. Then Sarah Palin weighed in on the whole thing, and while I definitely don’t agree with her all the time, she’s right on this.


Sarah Palin said it best when she took to social media to express, "Free speech is an endangered species. Those 'intolerants' hatin' and taking on the Duck Dynasty patriarch for voicing his personal opinion are taking on all of us."

A&E -- you are now taking on all of us.

Phil Robertson expressed an opinion. Don’t like it? Don’t watch the show. Go ahead and tell your friends what a bigot you think he is. Mock their frog-catching, squirrel brain-eating ways. Shout from the rooftops that you hate ducks. Whatever. It’s your right to do it.

For the most part, we Christians don’t really care when we think people are being idiots. Like Phil, we try to leave it for God to judge. That’s why you don’t hear insane outrage every time a Christian is publicly bashed. There’s no big boycott for Bill Maher to be taken off the air. Kathy Griffin is presumably still out there doing her thing.

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We don’t flood the Internets with horrified comments about people being small-minded or intolerant any time Christianity is bashed on prime time. Geez Louise, can you imagine? God, the Bible, Jesus, His followers ... all slammed on a regular basis.

Whatever. You guys believe what you want to believe. Something about free speech.

But you know what we don’t take too lightly? When one of our own is persecuted for quoting the Bible. Sarah Palin is right -- A&E is taking on all of us now.

All of us that love the show and have made it into A&E’s bread and butter. All of us that will follow Duck Dynasty to another network or watch reruns with a nod of solemnity should the Robertsons decide to prevent A&E cameras from entering their home and business.

Bring back Phil Robertson, A&E. Outside of the militant left, we crazy Americans are pretty gosh darn protective of our right to free speech -- even quoting the Bible.

Do you think A&E made a mistake in suspending Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty?

Image via Sarah Palin/Facebook

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