Orlando Bloom Reveals He's Still 'in Love' After His Divorce

orlando bloomOrlando Bloom's divorce from Miranda Kerr was most definitely one of the year's most shocking celeb splits. We really never saw that one coming. Up until the very end, and even now, they seemed so happy ... and in love. But maybe that has something to do with how in love Orlando still is -- with the idea of being in love.

Confused? I know, so was I. But thankfully, the newly single actor elaborated on where his heart is now to Elle magazine for their January issue ...


The 36-year-old dad to almost 3-year-old Flynn explained:

I'm completely in love with the idea of love. Maybe I'm all misty about it because I'm playing Romeo.

(At the time of the Q&A, he was starring in a Broadway revival of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, opposite Condola Rashad's Juliet.) He continued:

But I really believe in, you know, that sort of heart-to-heart-connection.

Aww. I'm impressed! It's so difficult to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and continue to believe in love after a tough breakup, particularly a divorce. But I would optimistically guess that Orlando's not alone. Most people find a way back to that romantic perspective. Just sounds like he's managed to arrive at -- or perhaps maintain? -- that feeling sooner rather than later.

'Course it bears noting that being too in love with love can backfire ... I've seen people be so fixated on the idea of being in love that they attach themselves to anyone, even if it's the complete WRONG anyone, for the sake of being with someone. Such a bad, unhealthy, sad move.

But in Orlando's case, I'm not worried. The guy seems less desperate to fall in love for the sake of being in love and more ... hopeful, in the wake of his sad split from Miranda. Cheers to that!

How have your breakups changed how you feel about the idea of love?


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