Brad Pitt Is 50 Today: 10 of His Sexiest Looks Through the Years (PHOTOS)

brad pittUm, is anybody else completely freaked out by the fact that today is Brad Pitt's 50th birthday?! First of all, dude is doing pretty dang well in the aging department! Second of all, wasn't it just yesterday Pitt burst on to the scene (in all his shirtless glory) in Thelma & Louise? Seriously, that was not ... 22 years ago?!

Okay, before I start downward spiralling into a deep dark personal mortality-themed lamentation, let's get back to the part about Pitt aging oh-so-gracefully. In fact, let's just look at hot pictures of Brad through the years. Cause what better way to celebrate his birthday, right?


Which of Brad Pitt's looks is your favorite?

Image via Splash

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