Brad Pitt Is 50 Today: 10 of His Sexiest Looks Through the Years (PHOTOS)

brad pittUm, is anybody else completely freaked out by the fact that today is Brad Pitt's 50th birthday?! First of all, dude is doing pretty dang well in the aging department! Second of all, wasn't it just yesterday Pitt burst on to the scene (in all his shirtless glory) in Thelma & Louise? Seriously, that was not ... 22 years ago?!

Okay, before I start downward spiralling into a deep dark personal mortality-themed lamentation, let's get back to the part about Pitt aging oh-so-gracefully. In fact, let's just look at hot pictures of Brad through the years. Cause what better way to celebrate his birthday, right?

Which of Brad Pitt's looks is your favorite?

Image via Splash

  • Sharp-Dressed Man


    Image via Splash

    Short hair, long hair -- Brad Pitt could be bald, as far as I'm concerned, and still look amazing. But this shot? HOT.

  • Just Enough Scruff


    Image via Splash

    Like I said: Long hair, short hair ... doesn't matter to me!! (But what really knocked me out were those probably-not-cheap sunglasses. Oh yeah!)

  • Hat Trick


    Image via Splash

    Okay, this guy can even make wrangling screaming kids look good!! Is it the hat?! (Who cares?)

  • Smart Is Sexy


    Image via Splash

    Glasses and a goatee? On Brad, nothing is a style misstep. Even that Miami Vice-esque jacket.

  • Stiff Upper Lip


    Image via Getty

    There's only one thing about this picture from the premiere of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that's actually curious: How Pitt manages to make that creepy little moustache sexy. Magic?!

  • Paging Robert Redford?


    Image via Getty

    Wow. There's a reason why they called Pitt "the next Robert Redford" when he made his Hollywood debut. And here it is!

  • Goldilocks


    Image via Getty

    So young, so blonde ... so surfer dude-ish. (Poor Jennifer Aniston -- must've sucked when this walked away!)

  • Orange You Glad It's Brad?


    Image via Getty

    Not sure what was going on with Brad's hair back in 2002, but with that face? We can overlook it. (And the orange jacket thing.)

  • Suit & Tie


    Image via Getty

    Oooh, remember Ocean's Eleven? Brad looks pretty mischievous in this shot from the premiere ... up to no good with co-star George Clooney, perhaps?

  • Bangin'!


    Image via Splash

    Whaddya think, mousse or gel? Brad sure does change up his hairstyle a lot, huh?

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