'Game of Thrones' Fans Pass Time 'Til Season 4 With Hilarious 'Roast Joffrey Day' (VIDEOS)

roast joffrey dayNow that the brand-new teaser for Game of Thrones season 4 was officially released, it seems HBO is just starting to hype up what we'll see come spring 2014. Before the teaser, last Thursday, the official Game of Thrones Twitter and Facebook stated that December 12 will become Roast Joffrey Day. And it was amazing.

Tweets and Vine videos are still pouring in making fun of the loathed, hated, twisted King Joffrey. Though you can't help but feel a tiny bit bad for Jack Gleeson, the poor actor who plays Joffrey and actually seems like an affable, decent guy. Just goes to show Gleeson's talent at such a young age to be able to conjure up this kind of Internet vile. Of course, George R. R. Martin is equally to blame for creating such a despicable character in the first place!

But it's the stuff Internet hilarity is made of. Though HBO said the day was over on December 13, who cares. The best is yet to come!


If you have hours and hours to spare, you won't be disappointed if you go through every single Roast Joffrey Day post and video that tons of creative fans have put out there. Trust me. Here are some of our favorites:

Oh man, there are so many other good ones, I wish I could write this post forever. But all good things must come to an end. And hopefully Joffrey's reign will too in the very near future. Here is a video HBO released on December 12 to honor Roast Joffrey Day:

And here's what Hodor thinks of Joffrey:

Between the roast and the new teaser, it'll be exciting to see what Game of Thrones comes up with next. What a great response to Roast Joffrey Day. Kudos, everyone. Who knows who we'll get to roast next? Cersei? Walder Frey? Ramsay Snow? The possibilities are truly endless. Regardless, none of this holds a candle to actually seeing season 4. Come on, is it springtime yet?

Did you have a favorite Roast Joffrey Day tweet or video?


Image via HBO

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