Justin Bieber's Retirement Announcement Comes Just in Time (VIDEO)

Justin BieberBeliebers, make sure you're sitting down and there's no sharp objects nearby. Justin Bieber has announced he's retiring. In his exact words, "After the new album, I'm ... uh ... I'm actually retiring man." He said it on a Los Angeles radio station. Everyone in the room gasped. You can hear the DJ go, "Whah!" before the video is cut off. Hey, it might be time for Biebs to hang it up. These days, he makes more news for his behavior than his music. And it's not like he's given the world any classics. (Sorry but "Boyfriend" is no "Layla.")


His behavior has been so alarming in the past year that even Eminem has supposedly come forward to offer him help. When Slim Shady wants to take you under his protective wing, there's a problem.

But, alas, the whole thing may be just another ploy to grab attention. Later in the interview, Biebs seemed to backtrack on the whole retiring thing by saying, "I want to grow as an artist and I'm taking a step out, I want my music to mature."

Maybe by "mature" he means "end."

But TMZ says Justin's comment was just a joke. "The kid's got ambition," a source told the outlet.

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At 19, I think this would be the perfect time for Bieber to retire -- before he ends up a statistic. He could take some time out to soul-search, backpack across India, stay in an ashram for a month, take a break from bangin' bitches, that kind of thing.

Oh, I'm not saying he should NEVER make music again (though that wouldn't bother me in the slightest), but that he go somewhere away from his bad influences and entourage, bring his guitar, join up with Joni Mitchell or someone like that, and come out with an acoustic album.

Sound good, Biebs?

Do you think it's time for Bieber to go away?

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