Kim Kardashian Shoots Down 'Sick' Rumor That She Waxes Baby North's Eyebrows

nori Because we're all clearly obsessed with the beauty that is baby North West, the rumors began circulating that Mama Kim Kardashian waxed Nori's eyebrows. She's a Kardashian and the Kardashians are known for their meticulous beauty and attention to detail. Personally, I think she'd go the threading route instead of putting some hot wax around Nori's brow, but come on! Did we really think that's what she would do to her ridiculously adorable baby girl?

Yes. People did. Kim took to Twitter to reveal the hairy truth and to fight back against the lies!


First there was this ...

Hahaha. Oh Kim. I totally get your joke, but not everyone was hip to your jive. So then there was this ...

Go Mama Bear Kim! Love this side of her. And since I was a baby born with perfect eyebrows, I need to come out and say that I never for one second believed Kim waxed Nori. Or threaded. Or did any kind of hair removal. My mom loves to tell me how when I was born, she marveled over my perfect arches. Sometimes kids are just born with amazing features. (Time sadly changes that as I'm living proof.)

Be honest. Did you really think Kim waxed Nori's brows?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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