Jenelle Evans' Ex-Boyfriend Decides to Kick Her While She's Down

Jenelle EvansWe all know that Teen Mom Jenelle Evans is a total train wreck. There can really be no doubt about that. The woman doesn't even have custody of her first child and is pregnant again. Even more disturbing, she has yet to fully divorce her husband and is having a child with a new man. So, yeah, she's a mess.

But Gary Head, one of her many screwed up, judgmental ex-boyfriends, is spilling all to the tabloids and isn't afraid to totally kick Jenelle when she is down. Wow, big man. Super impressive to say you are glad not to be with someone when they are already floundering.

The reality is, like it or not, Jenelle is having another baby. There are children involved here, and if he thinks he is rising above it by mocking her publicly, then he is wrong, wrong, wrong. This is what he said:


I’d tell him to run. I don’t think she should have a kid. I don’t believe in abortion, but if you can’t take of them, you should not be having them. Let’s look at it this way — she’s technically still married, she’s having a kid by another man, and on top of that, she still wants to talk to me. But I don’t pay her any attention.

Who knows if it's true. It probably isn't. All he has done here is make himself look like the bad guy, the sore loser if you will.

We all have exes and people we dated before the person we settled down with. We have all had bad dating experiences and people we'd rather forget. But if we bad mouth them, then WE are the bad guy. After all, what is the point of admitting we were once so desperate we dated someone awful?

The only person who looks bad here is Head who obviously not only has bad taste in women, but also is so desperate to be famous, he will kick a person while they are already down. Real attractive there, Gary.

If you ask me, Jenelle is the winner here (if there is one). Memo to Gary: Just go away.

Do you think he is in the wrong here?


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