Ashley Judd Accuses Sister Wynonna of Spying on Her

The famous Judd family, consisting of actress Ashley, her mom Naomi, and half-sister Wynonna, have had their share of dysfunction over the years, but I'd thought they'd put that all behind them. Apparently not. Ashley has reportedly accused her singing half-sis of spying on her -- specifically, of hiring a private investigator to put a GPS tracking device on her car. Woah. This goes beyond sibling rivalry. It's like sibling crazology.


It all started last month when a car mechanic reportedly found the GPS device on Ashley's Mini Cooper, which was being driven by an "unnamed female" whom Ashley has "custody" over.

According to the police report, Ashley apparently told cops that she believed Wynnona had placed the tracking device on her car, and authorities reportedly traced the item back to a P.I. who was working for Wynonna. This is so CRAY. So what on Earth is going on here?

It was only last year that Ashley was waxing poetic about her half-sister, saying, "I love my sister and every time she walks in the room, I light up. There's just nothing like a big sister." What happened??

One report says it wasn't even Wynnona or her P.I. who did the dirty work of placement -- it was the singer's ex-husband, Arch Kelley. But he denies the allegation.

The police report says this all stems from a "custody dispute" between the Judds and that Wyonna was trying to get information about Ashley's whereabouts. And the custody dispute is reportedly over Wynnona's teen daughter!

According to one report, Wynnona admitted the device was hers, but said it was so she could track her daughter. Ashley, on the other hand, claims it's because Wynonna is selling stories about her to the tabloids.

This all sounds like a big mess, but Ashley has also reportedly decided not to legally pursue the matter. Wow. When your sister is bugging your car, your relationship has taken a wrong turn.

Have you ever spied on a relative?

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