Blake Lively’s Pinterest Obsession Should Worry Ryan Reynolds

blake lively ryan reyonldsDid you read that Blake Lively interview in The Cut? If so, you may have forgotten it already. Or maybe you fell asleep before you got to the most interesting part of the whole piece: Blake Lively admitted she re-pins photos of Ryan Reynolds to her Pinterest board. Ryan Reynolds as in her husband. This means 1) Blake Lively has time for Pinterest and 2) she pins photos of her husband. You know, the man she lives with? I mean, whether or not you think Ryan is hot enough to pin, I find the idea of pinning photos of your husband to Pinterest a little off-balance. Anyone with me here? Imagine what Ryan is going to think when he happens to see this board.


ryan reynolds pinterest board

RYAN: Oh, haha, someone has a Pinterest board of me.

BLAKE: Oh hi babe. Yeah. It's my board.

RYAN: Um, you have a Pinterest board -- of me?

BLAKE: Yeah, babe! You're hot!

RYAN: Okay, thanks sweetie. But ... you're pinning photos of me? You live with me. Don't you think it's a little, I don't know ...

BLAKE: Obsessive? I'm not obsessed. Why would you think I'm obsessed with you?

RYAN: Well, because you have a Pinterest board of me.

BLAKE: Okay, but so do a lot of other women. (Quietly to herself) Too many other women ...

RYAN: I know, but those other women aren't my wife. They don't see my real face almost every single day. You know. Like you do.

(Blank stare from Blake)

RYAN: I just ... I don't know. It kind of gives me the creeps. No no, don't take that the wrong way! I'm flattered. Really. It's just, I don't know. This isn't exactly how I was hoping we'd connect when we got married, you know? It's been a while since we just sat down and talked, face to face.

BLAKE: Turns around and opens Facebook, typing, "@RyanReynolds you look so hawt on my Pinterest board!" OK, I just posted the board on Facebook. You have to go like it now!

RYAN: I ... what? No, I do not.

BLAKE: C'mon, please?

Ryan sighs and pulls out his phone. He opens Facebook and "likes" his wife's post. Then he Googles "how to tell if your wife is insane."

Oh Blake. If only you'd join The Prowl instead!

Do you think it's odd that Blake repins photos of her own husband, or would you totally do that, too, if you were married to Ryan Reynolds?


Image via Blake Lively/Instagram

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