Kanye West Spends $250,000 to Make Sure Kim Kardashian Looks Perfect

Kim KardashianWow. So it's no big secret that he likes to keep his lady love looking as stylish as possible -- but would you believe Kanye West spends $250,000 on Kim Kardashian's "glam squad" while he's out on tour? Yep. A quarter of a million dollars comes out of his pocket just to make sure Kim's hairdresser, makeup artist, and clothing stylist are ready to hop on a private jet at any day or time to make sure she looks perfect. (Kanye simply won't settle for anything less, apparently.)

All of her peeps are obviously based in L.A., but no matter where in the world Kim and Kanye are -- her appearance doesn't have to suffer as a result of showing up at random salons and spas. (That would be SO unacceptable.)


At first I was all, "Geez! Those people are traveling quite a ways and being paid a ton to do Kim's hair, nails, and makeup." But then I dug a little deeper into just how much work is put into maintaining the beauty that is Kim Kardashian -- and now Kanye's expensive gesture totally makes sense.

For starters -- in the past Kim has been known to have two glycolic peels per week for her skin and has "several" manicures and pedicures in a seven-day period to keep her fingers and toes in tip-top shape. And on top of that, she also reportedly gets regular facials, body scrubs, and treatments on her legs in an effort to keep cellulite at bay.

Oh ... and how about her amazing eyebrows? Kim sees Anastasia Soare for her perfect arches -- who is, like, the person in Hollywood to go to if you want the best brows around. Somehow I'm guessing she can't go too long in between tweeze sessions, so it's no surprise she needs touch-ups while on tour with Kanye.

And then there's her hair, which you know requires much more upkeep than mere bi-weekly blowouts. She probably needs a separate team just to maintain the color.

But I guess we really can't give her or Kanye grief for spending so much money on vanity. When you constantly have photographers in your face trying to capture a moment when you look anything less than gorgeous, keeping your appearance stunning is just part of the gig.

Are you surprised at how much Kim's beauty routine costs while she's out of town?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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