Alexander Skarsgard & Prince Harry Cause Big Stink in Bar

alexander skarsgard

Hey, wanna hear a joke? Here goes: Alexander Skarsgard and Prince Harry walk into a bar in Antarctica. Alexander Skarsgard says, "Hey man, can we get a couple of beers?" Then the bartender says, "No way, you guys stink! You hear me, you smell like you've been trudging across the frozen tundra for two weeks straight without a shower! Get the hell outta here!" 

HAHAHA! Funny, right? Cause who in their right mind would kick Alexander Skarsgard and Prince Harry out of a bar because they smelled bad?!

Well, some bartender in Antarctica, apparently. That's right -- the joke I just told you wasn't a joke at all, unless you're talking about some sick cosmic prank targeting ridiculously hot famous guys.


You remember, of course, that ASkars and the Prince were hiking across the South Pole for charity? (Aww.) For two weeks! So, naturally, by the time they made it to their destination in Antarctica, these boys had to be a bit behind on their personal hygiene routines. Okay, fine. They were stinky. But that's not regular stank, that's stank for a cause!! Jeez, the bartender couldn't hold his breath for a few minutes?

And I'm saying "his" breath not because I know for certain that the bartender was a man, but because I know for certain the bartender was a man. There is just no way -- no motherlovin' way -- a female bartender would throw Alexander Skarsgard or Prince Harry (never mind BOTH of them at once!!) out of her establishment. Right?!

Would you throw Alexander Skarsgard and Prince Harry out of a bar if they smelled bad?


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