Kendall Jenner Went to Unbelievable Lengths to Nab Harry Styles

Kendall JennerNot sure how much to believe about these Kendall Jenner/Harry Styles dating rumors, but according to the gossip pages, not only are the two hot and heavy, but Kendall had her sights set on Harry long before he was even a gleam in Taylor Swift's eye. Something called The Daily Star is reporting that Kendall plotted for no less than two years to bag her boy-man Harry. Apparently she put word out (that's how celebs do it, y'all) that she was interested in the swooshy-haired singer and he sent word back (by Swarovski-studded carrier pigeon) that he couldn't possibly consider dating Kendall until one thing happened.


No, Harry didn't want Kendall to make him 300 sandwiches. Nor did they have to agree upon whether they were both dog or cat people; or whether their choice of spread was Miracle Whip or mayo.

Harry, who is 19 years old, apparently wanted Kendall to turn 18 before he would consider getting to know her. And lest you think this has anything to do with statutory rape laws, sources say that it was really all about Harry not wanting to date anyone too close to the age of his fan base.

That said, it was pretty smart of Harry to wait until Kendall turned 18. Dating is so much more fun when you're not hauled off to the slammer after your first sexting session. Once Kendall hit the big ONE EIGHT, Harry reportedly decided she was fair game and sent his designer carrier pigeon back with a message. A source said:

So Kendall patiently waited until she hit 18 to get in touch with Harry, which she did shortly before the band came to LA last month. And Harry jumped at the chance to meet up with her. Harry and Kendall have been texting each other constantly since they went out in New York last week. They're both really into each other and although they're playing it down to their friends, they're both excited about the relationship.

Since they are playing it down to their friends, I wonder who this person is who seems to know so much (hi, Kris), but whether the two are really involved or not, there's no doubt that even the hint that they are is great for their respective careers.

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Anyway, this is pretty romantic, waiting so long for your true love. Kind of like how Rhett waited through two marriages for Scarlett and Kanye waited through two for Kim.

But the wait was totally worth it. No doubt Harry sends one hell of a text message, and we already know he's introduced Kendall to the gay bars.

Have you ever waited years for a man?

Image via Kendall Jenner/Instagram

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