Colin Farrell Makes Sleazy Confession About 'Romantic Relationship' With Elizabeth Taylor

Colin FarrellColin Farrell has always struck me as an interesting dude. He definitely could have been pigeonholed into that Hollywood bad boy image he embraced for a while, but then he really seemed to grow up, sober up, and start living a more private life. Plus, he's shown what a mature and loving father he is by publicly advocating for his young son who was born with Angelman Syndrome.

However, I'm not sure I can get behind Farrell's recent comments about his 'romantic relationship' with Elizabeth Taylor. No, he wasn't exactly shacked up with the legendary star, but he formed a friendship with her toward the end of her life -- and instead of talking about the warm G-rated connection they actually had, he went on Ellen this Monday and basically insinuated that the two of them would have had a sexy MARRIAGE if she hadn't passed away.


Apparently Farrell crossed paths with Taylor when they were both at Cedars Sinai Hospital: Farrell was there for the birth of his youngest son Henry, and Taylor was having a stent put in her heart. The next day he asked his publicist Danica to send Taylor flowers, only to learn Taylor had sent him an orchid. From then on, they began a friendship:

I asked Danica, and she made some calls, and I got to have an audience with her. And that was the beginning of a year and a half or two years of what was a really cool [relationship]. It was kind of like the last -- it feels like in my head, not hers, I'm projecting -- but the last kind of romantic relationship I had. Which was never consummated. (...) It was really cool, and she wasn't much of a sleeper at night, like I'm not, so at two o'clock in the morning, I'd call her. I'd call her at two in the morning, and the nurse would answer the phone, and I'd say, 'Is she awake?'...And then I'd be on the phone and I'd hear, 'Hello?' And I'd go, 'How's it going?' And we'd talk for a half an hour, an hour, into the wee hours. I just adored her.

Okay, I know what you're going to say: this is sweet! There's nothing salacious about it! What's wrong with you, soulless celebrity gossip author, that you've managed to twist a perfectly adorable friendship into something it isn't?

Here's why I'm not particularly charmed by Colin Farrell's heart-melting affection for Elizabeth Taylor:

• It feels belittling to Taylor to publicly imply that it was a romantic relationship, despite his caveat that he was projecting. She's not exactly here to say whether she felt the same, is she?

• It's also sort of rude to his then-girlfriend and mother of his youngest child, Alicja Bachleda. Farrell and Bachleda didn't break up until Henry was a year old, so to say his relationship with Taylor was the big memorable romance of his recent life really seems to discount what he had going with Bachleda.

• He went on to say he would have married her:

She was a spectacular, spectacular woman. I wanted to be [husband] number eight, but we ran out of road.

I guess it's truly possible Farrell really did have romantic feelings for Taylor. In addition to the fact that Taylor was obviously a mesmerizing and beloved personality, it's public knowledge that Farrell propositioned Dame Eileen Atkins when he was 28 and she was 69, when they starred in Ask the Dust together. Atkins reportedly declined his advances, but later said "the offer did me the world of good." Maybe Taylor found the situation flattering, and greatly enjoyed his adoration.

Still! Just imagine for a moment that a 37-year-old man was saying these things about your grandmother. NOT SO SWEET NOW, IS IT??

What do you think about Colin Farrell's revelations about Elizabeth Taylor? Charming or a little creepy?

Image via Ellen

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