Michael Lohan Reminds Us (Again) What Kind of Dad He Is

lindsay lohan

I sure do hope Michael Lohan doesn't drink his coffee out of a #1 Dad mug in the morning, cause that dude? He's a bad, bad dad. This comes as no surprise to anyone, of course, but Lindsay Lohan's strange and estranged papa is back in the news again for stepping up to the plate and being a supportive father trying to mess up his daughter's chances of success any way he possibly can; specifically, by attempting to screw with LiLo's forthcoming "tell-all" book.


According to TMZ, Michael is afraid that his ex-wife Dina Lohan will fill Lindsay's head with "defamatory stories" about her dad, so he made his lawyer send a threatening letter referencing the gag order from their divorce, which forbids Dina from directly or indirectly publishing or causing the publishing of "any diary, memoir, letter, or story" about their marriage.

Brilliant plan, Michael Lohan. Really. Except you seem to have forgotten something pretty damn crucial: Lindsay probably has plenty of her own memories to draw from, don't you think?? I would imagine she's got more than enough highly traumatic childhood recollections to fill a book, in fact. Is Michael hoping his daughter completely blocked out her formative years?? I'm sure she wishes she could, Michael. I'm sure she wishes she could. But since she can't, how 'bout you get out of the girl's way for once?? The least you can do for her at this point is let her write unflattering sh*t about you.

Do you think Michael Lohan should let Lindsay write whatever she wants about him?


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