New North West Pic Causes Frenzy: Does Kim Kardashian Wax Her Baby’s Brows? (PHOTO)

north westMaybe she was feeling generous, or maybe she wanted to shut the people up who claim she's never with her daughter, but Kim Kardashian shared the cutest photo of North West via Instagram on Monday. It's by far North's most up close and personal shot yet, and wow! She looks a lot like her mama! Lucky gal!


Kim captioned the pic, "SMILE," and even though Nori's the one grinning ear to ear in the pic, it's impossible not to smile yourself when looking at this photo. North looks so unbelievably precious and happy here, and those eyes! They look just like Kim's -- the shape; the lashes; the brows; everything. Too cute. In fact, so cute that some yahoos are actually speculating that Kim got North's brows waxed to match hers. One fan even responded to Kim's pic with, "Kim Kardashian definitely waxed North's unibrow." L to the O to the L, people! That's flat out insane! Look at North's first photo. Look like the same brows to me!

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Anyway. Clearly, Kim isn't going to thrust her daughter into the same limelight that she lives under, as photos of Nori remain scant. And while that's admirable and, quite frankly, surprisingly, I say she shares pics a little more often. North is just too dang cute. And I'd take this over a Kim selfie any day. Brows waxed or not.

Who do you think North looks more like: Kim or Kanye? Do you think North's brows are waxed?

Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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