Michaele Salahi Wed Journey’s Neal Schon Live on Pay-Per-View Because Duh

When news broke last spring that former Real Housewives of D.C. star Michaele Salahi and Journey guitarist Neal Schon were getting ready to tie the knot, we hoped the hope of reality TV lovers that the event would be televised.

And televised it was. The lovebirds said their "I do"s on Sunday -- with the first-ever, live on pay-per-view wedding! For better or worse, this couple loves their publicity. In case you’re having trouble placing Salahi’s name, think back about four years to the infamous White House Gate crashers -- she and then husband Tareq Salahi caused quite the controversy when they crashed President Obama’s first state dinner.


Let’s take a look at what’s happened since then and how the newlyweds finally got their happily ever 18 years after first meeting when he spotted her at a concert and invited her backstage.

After the Salahis crashed the White House party, it became pretty apparent that Tareq was kind of a jerk, so Michaele broke it off peacefully and moved out. Haha, just kidding. She just took off when her ex-boyfriend Schon sent someone to come get her nine days after she and Tareq attended a Journey concert on comped tickets. She said:

I was going crazy. Because when you want to be with someone that bad, you start to go crazy. He sent someone to come get me. I got on a plane by myself and I just went. I just walked away from everything.

Which led to Tareq peacefully throwing in the towel and letting her go. I’m good with the jokes tonight! He did no such thing. He declared her kidnapped. Talk about your classic narcissist ... Of course my wife couldn’t have left me! Who in their right mind would walk away from this hunka hunka burnin’ love? She must’ve been kidnapped!


And then there was the time that Tareq sued his ex-wife and her old/new boyfriend for $50 million because they embarrassed him. He claimed that Schon had sent him a picture of his penis as a “metaphorical slap in the face.” You guys, I’m not making that one up. It happened. For reals. Well, the suit happened, I have no idea about the penis pic.

And then Tareq tried to run for governor of Virginia. Giggle snort!

Anyway, getting back to Michaele and Neal ... it’s quite possible that is the Real Thing for them both. He’s been married four times before, and obviously she has her own baggage, but friends say they’re perfectly suited. The mother of the groom even said, “This is the girl for him. Everybody has noticed the change in him.”

They even decided to donate some of the proceeds from the pay-per-view to victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. Everybody say, “Awwww!”

No word on how much went to pay off her 11.42-carat diamond engagement ring or the two diamond-studded wedding bands.

In all seriousness, best of luck to the happy couple. Sometimes the heart wants what it wants, and it takes a long road to get there.

Do you think this couple is for real?

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