Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Are Still 'Together' -- We Knew It!

Robert PattinsonRobert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's romance may have hit the skids, but Bella and Edward are still going strong. The third installment of the series, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, was the highest-selling DVD and Blu-Ray disk of the year. Robsten still lives and loves ... on film anyway. Oh, well, people, did we all really expect it was going to go down like Bella and Edward and Kristen would become a vampire, give birth to a vampire spawn, and they'd all live happily ever after? That doesn't happen in Los Feliz.


In real life, Kristen and Rob did what real life couples often do -- they fought, they cheated, they got dogs, they fought again, they moved in, they moved out, they tried again, they split again, they called the whole thing off.

I know. Life is SO much messier!

This is why we're drawn to unreal life. It's so clean. We know the good guys, the bad guys. When a guy says he loves you, and looks directly into your eyes, he means it. When a woman swoons over you and says you're her soulmate, she doesn't sneak off kissing her geeky married movie director.

All that shit is reserved for real life. Is it any wonder we spend billions of dollars a year trying to escape from it with DVDs?!!

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I often wonder how much different life would be if only what happens off the screen happens on the screen. Well, in France it does. But I mean in Hollywood. People look at what's happening on screen and compare that to their real lives, and they despair. No wonder we've got teens committing suicide, shooting up schools, bullying, drug taking.

Because we're all so unprepared for life as it really is. Why is it like this? We wonder, as we fail to meet a soulmate after 50,000 bad dates. Is this right? We ask when our husband comes out as gay. This doesn't make any sense, we wail when our wives suddenly don't want sex anymore. I know when someone I care about lets me down or doesn't turn out to be what I thought he/she was, I still get a feeling like, "How could that happen?!" Yep, totally unprepared.

But those things will never happen to Bella and Edward. Because they're not real.

And that is why we love them. 4-EVAH.

Do you think movies should be more like real life?


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