Charlie Sheen's Hysterical Rant at Denise Richards Is His Worst Tantrum Yet

Charlie Sheen Denise RichardsFor whatever reason, I kind of thought he might have worked the crazy out of his system and was on the path to being a somewhat decent dude. But then I heard about Charlie Sheen ripping Denise Richards to shreds by posting a photo of what is presumed to be one of their wedding souvenirs -- which he broke into pieces then showed off the remnants on Twitter.

He accompanied the pic with the following message for his lovely ex-wife: "More like a feeble 'K'. The lie is over. I'm done being treated like a relative with a one-way ticket #DuhNeese."

(Sheesh. Touche.)

Wanna know what set him off? Apparently he was all bent out of shape because Denise nixed his invite to accompany her and her girls on their holiday vacation.


So he went nuts and broke a baseball bat and scared the hell out of all of us in the process. Here's the shot. It's more than a little disturbing.

charlie sheen wedding gift

Um ... WTF? A knife? Seriously? And what's with the little bottle of Tobasco?

I mean, the guy is obviously pissed and is trying to prove a point and let everyone know that the sham of a whatever the heck their relationship is ceases to exist at this point.

But wanna hear the kicker? Apparently sources say that Charlie is still welcome on the vacation he's so upset about -- so he may have lost his temper and gone all nutso for nothing.

Then again, this is Charlie Sheen we're talking about. Should we really be all that surprised when he flies off the handle? Nah. And we also probably shouldn't be shocked when he and Denise wind up being BFFs again by this time next week. (Seems to be a pattern with these two.)

Do you think Charlie is crazy, or just really intense?


Image via Splash/Twitter

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